Average Temperatures for 2024 at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

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Day Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Day Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
6 8.8
7 8.7
8 10.1
9 13.0
10 16.0
11 13.0
12 11.4
13 11.4
14 11.3
15 10.6
16 10.8
17 10.0
18 10.0
19 10.3
20 10.0
21 10.7
22 11.4
23 9.9
24 9.6
25 9.9
26 9.9
27 11.6
28 10.5

This table shows the daily average temperatures from the selected station. The rows indicate day of the month with the months shown in the columns. Blank entries indicate that there is missing data or that there is no such date. Daily average values are computed if there is at least one observed value in any 20 or more of the hours of the day. The figure below shows the average (red) and minimum and maximum daily values (shaded region boundary).

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The plot is interactive. You can zoom in by clicking and dragging a mouse over the graph. You can zoom back out by double-clicking on the graph. Moving the mouse cursor over the graph will highlight the value nearest to the mouse. If you want to smooth the data change the value in the lower left of the graph. It gives the number of consecutive data points that should be averaged together before the curve is drawn.

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