Rain Days by Month at Ditidaht Community School

Days with rain greater than or equal to threshold (0.25 mm)
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2018 27 25 21 22 4 16 4 9 9  
2017 23 24 30 25 13 11 5 3 13 22 28 24 221
2016 8 15 4 11 10 6 15 31 29 26  
Average 25    25    20    21    7    13    6    6    12    27    29    25    221
Std Dev 3    1    11    5    5    3    3    3    3    6    1    1   

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This table presents a summary of days where at least 0.25 mm of rain was recorded. This is one tip of the tipping bucket gauges used for this project. Frozen precipitation is not measured until the ice and snow trapped in the rain gauge melts. Where there are no observations for an entire month, the month is shown as blank. However, there is no way to see from this table where data is missing for spans of less than one month so if you are in doubt of the values compare them to the values recorded at other nearby stations or check the daily values for the month and year at the Rain Days table (each year in the table above is a link to the appropriate page).

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