Temperature: 21.0 °C at Ian Stewart Complex/Mt. Douglas High School Temperature: 18.2 °C at Hans Helgesen Elementary School Temperature: 17.1 °C at John Muir Elementary School Temperature: 18.5 °C at Ocean Trails Resort Temperature: 19.1 °C at Deep Cove Elementary School Temperature: 18.9 °C at Qualicum Beach Elementary School Temperature: 20.8 °C at Palsson Elementary School Temperature: 19.2 °C at False Bay School Temperature: 18.6 °C at Pender Islands Elementary and Secondary School Temperature: 17.3 °C at Arrowview Elementary School Temperature: 17.7 °C at Bowser Elementary School Temperature: 16.2 °C at Port Renfrew Elementary School Temperature: 18.2 °C at Edward Milne Community School Temperature: 19.2 °C at Nanoose Bay Elementary School Temperature: 20.2 °C at Galiano Community School Temperature: 19.7 °C at Fernwood Elementary School Temperature: 20.3 °C at Fulford Elementary School Temperature: 19.8 °C at Vancouver Island University Temperature: 18.7 °C at Seaview Elementary School Temperature: 22.1 °C at Quamichan Middle School Temperature: 19.7 °C at L'Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary Temperature: 19.6 °C at Mountain View Elementary Temperature: 20.9 °C at Alberni Elementary School Temperature: 16.9 °C at Ucluelet High School Temperature: 20.2 °C at Ladysmith Secondary School Temperature: 18.6 °C at Captain Meares Elementary Secondary School Temperature: 18.3 °C at Airport Elementary School Temperature: 18.0 °C at Cumberland Community School Temperature: 19.5 °C at Denman Island Community School Temperature: 18.9 °C at Hornby Island Community School Temperature: 19.3 °C at Miracle Beach Elementary Temperature: 18.7 °C at North Island Distance Education School Temperature: 19.3 °C at Valley View Elementary School Temperature: 14.1 °C at Trial Island Lightstation Temperature: 17.9 °C at Ocean Grove Elementary Temperature: 18.8 °C at Timberline Secondary Temperature: 18.1 °C at Cortes Island School Temperature: 18.8 °C at Sayward Elementary School Temperature: 18.9 °C at Carihi Secondary

School-Based Weather Station Network

Vancouver Island

Current temperatures on Vancouver Island.
Temperature at our weather stations (140/152). Place your mouse over a station (diamond) to see the current temperature at that location. Other variables can be found on our two-dimensional plot page. A large version of the temperature map is also available. See Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands. See also: Victoriaweather.ca, Nanaimoweather.ca.

An Android app is available to access data from this network.

Our iPad and iPhone app is available from the App Store.

Twitter: @vanisleweather.

Inland Vancouver Island Forecast

FPCN11 CWVR 231800 Forecasts for the south coast of British Columbia issued by Environment Canada at 11:00 a.m. PDT Sunday 23 July 2017 for today and Monday. The next scheduled forecast will be issued at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

Inland Vancouver Island. Today..Clearing early this afternoon. High 26. Humidex 29. UV index 8 or very high. Tonight..Clear. Low 10. Monday..Sunny. High 29. Humidex 30.

West Vancouver Island Forecast

FPCN11 CWVR 231800 Forecasts for the south coast of British Columbia issued by Environment Canada at 11:00 a.m. PDT Sunday 23 July 2017 for today and Monday. The next scheduled forecast will be issued at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

West Vancouver Island. Today..Clearing near noon. Windy over exposed coastal sections. High 20. UV index 8 or very high. Tonight..A few clouds. Windy over exposed coastal sections this evening and after midnight. Low 13. Monday..Sunny. High 21.

Stations in the Network

Willows Elementary School
Date:2017/07/23, 11:40
Temperature: 19.1 °C
L: 13.7 °C, H: 21.5 °C
Humidity: 64 %
Dewpoint: 12 °C
Pressure: 1018 hPa barometer trend
Insolation: 591 W/m2
UV Index: 5
Rain: 0.00 mm
Wind Speed: 8 km/hr W
Gust: 16.1 km/hr

Conditions are said to be cloudy if more than 50% of the sky is covered by clouds during the period of interest.

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All Stations, One Variable

See plots for a single variable at all of the stations in the network.

Summary of Recent Observations

See a graphical summary of the latest observations across the entire network.

Now storing at least 8 278 492 109 observations.

Forest fire danger class rating

Contact information

For further information or data inquiries please contact us at weather@uvic.ca. If you find a problem or have a question about the site please be sure to send the relevant site and page address (the URL from your browser's address bar). Also include a screen capture image if you can so that we can see what you are seeing.

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